Monday, April 22, 2013

That Time That My Kids Had The Sweetest Baby Sitter Ever

Last week ( two weeks ago? more?) .... whenever it was that I went to visit my parents, we decided to go out for dinner. Since we wanted to go to the Longview Steak House, we didn't want to take the kids. (Whats that? You haven't heard of the Longview Steak House? Well, just know it's basically the best restaurant you will ever eat at. Go now. You're welcome.) So my mom asked a little girl that lives over the hill from them to babysit. She is twelve and was SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. She was texting my mom for days (from her moms phone) saying thank you for this opportunity and omg I'm so excited. It was so cute. So her mom dropped her off and I was convinced that she was pretty much the sweetest 12 year old girl I have ever met. She even brought presents for my kids - hand-me-down toys that she didn't want anymore! I was fine. My kids have had, like, three babysitters in their life and for some reason I am shockingly calm over the whole thing. Her mom and  my mom on the other hand... well. they were, umm... nervous? also excited? borderline frantic? I don't know, but it was funny. After much chit chat and assurance and re-assurance that she would call if she had any problems and we would make the 6 minute drive home, we left. I enjoyed every minute of that two hour dinner and also every bite. (I had the lamb, in case you were wondering) (get it. for real) (my mouth just watered thinking about it).
While I drove her home after dinner we made small talk. My mom and dad had tried to explain to me who her parents are, but being that they are just that much older than me, we never went to school together and don't know each other. They said that her dad works in the movies. I asked questions but they didn't have too many answers, so I decided to ask her about it.
Our conversation went exactly like this:

Me: So, my parents said your dad works in the movies. Where does he do that? 

Her: Oh, he is usually in Toronto or Vancouver or right now he is in Kananaskis. We are going to go visit him this weekend because his hotel has a pool. He's filming a movie called (insert name I can't remember), it's kind of about winter and stuff. 

Me: Oh cool. So, like, what does he do in the movies?

Her: Have you ever heard of one of those things called a "Stunt man"? 

Me: OMG YES! Your dad is a STUNT MAN??? That is so cool!!! 

Her: Ya..........

Me: So has he been in any movies that I have would've heard of? 

Her: Um, have you ever heard of those movies called, like, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore?

Me: Um, have YOU ever heard of those movies?? 
     (just kidding, I didn't say that, but I thought it)

Me: YES! 

Her: ya, the scene in Happy Gilmore where the guy gets hit by the car? that's my dad! 

Me: What???? For real??? That is so cool! WOW!!!!!

Her: Ya......... it's pretty cool. 

I would like to insert a lot more exclamation points and all caps, but... I won't. She was hilarious and cute and obviously oblivious to the fact that that is super cool job!
And then, my lamb seemed very insignificant. 

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