Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick Trip To Africa

Maizey woke up this morning with a million questions about Africa.

     So, can we go to Africa?

     Is Africa where all the monkeys live? What about all the Zebras? Efelants? Lion Kings? Simbas friends? 

     Where exactly is Africa? 

     How long is it going to take? 

     No! I don't want to go get Buddy up, I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO AFRICA!!

     Look! Mama! This bag has all the animals of Africa on it. I love it so much!

So we've been talking about Africa for the last hour. She's wondering if it's near Rio. You know, the movie, not the place in Brazil. She doesn't even believe me that Brazil is real. She's wondering if I know Simbas mommy.  She says it takes about 30 minutes to get there by plane and that we just really need to take a zebra ride right away.
When I told her we have to cross the ocean to get there, she was a bit annoyed because apparently, she doesn't really like places by the ocean (wth??!!).

I'm guessing a dream about The Lion King sparked this.

I'm looking into flights asap.
As well as looking for any leopard print and/or anything zebra like. Thats what they call camo in Africa, right?


  1. I think zebra and Leopard print is actually called lunch in Africa :)