Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Is Almost Over. Also; Wahh.

Mom, you have to come see this. If I close the fridge slowly, it goes, like, totally dark in there. 


I love the fall. I really do.
But I hate the thought of grey, rainy/snowy days that are looming.
Every single second that the sun is out, we are outside. Soaking it up, playing in it, jumping and singing as though we are in the Sound of Music, because I simply cannot stand the idea of winter coming right now. For reals.
The shift has come. The snow line is so freaking low. The wind is cold and no matter how nice and warm I feel in the house, the second I open that door, I need a coat. We need coats. I have to put three coats on and three pairs of shoes and two hats and Maizey has asked for mitts every day. I can't find them. Eff. She suggested she go barefoot today, so after much arguing she went out in shoes with no socks only to return five minutes later for socks and boots ( I say that was a win for me).
The thing that sucks is that I am all yay, fall is here! scarves! boots! leaves changing! yayy! Whyyyy do I get so excited when inevitably winter comes right after? I'm just never ready for it. Yes, I ski a little and yes, I play in the snow. We build snowmen and slides and we go tobogganing and we drink hot chocolate and blah blah blah. I WANT FALL TO LAST LONGER DAMMIT!!!
3 weeks ago we took the kids to the  pumpkin patch tourist trap that has a lot of pumpkins, to take cute pictures.



Ohhhh boy, waking Jace up from his nap was not a good idea. Barely a cute picture was taken because of all the crying, omg the crying. Dude, we are at a pumpkin patch, quit crying. He didn't care.

case and point
Anyways, I had fun and so did Maizey. I think Brain did. To be honest , I didn't ask him. Oops. We did take some pictures, Maizey came head to head (through the fence) with a goat, and yep, still scared,


but she did feed them through the giant pully system and she thought that was awesome, which in my opinion means $0.25 well spent.




Jace wandered the pumpkin lined paths and tried to pick a few up, no big deal. Despite the crying, I say success. I'm trying to make this an annual thing, so as if I am going to admit it was a fail, regardless.


It seems like so long ago now. 
Anyways, I forgot where I was going with all of this, and it suddenly feels very rambly.
Winter is coming, which means so is the dark. Will the inside of our house feel like the fridge soon?
I hope not.


Fall, if I could marry you, I would.

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