Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Immediately following Jaces first birthday he became a grumpy old man.

Dude, one year old is not old. Quit being so cranky.

It was non-stop crying and whining and needing to be held.
The getting up multiple times in the night. The short naps. The picky eating.
It was painful.

Then last week Brian noticed that he had cut a molar. The next day I noticed a second one. Two days later there were two more.

Okayyyy, I felt bad for cursing him for a month straight. Sort of. The real lesson here should be learned by Jace. Just ask for some tylenol, Buddy. 

A month late, I finally took him for his one year check-up.
He weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds.


He is not a seasoned professional at the doctor, like Maizey was. He cried over everything. The measuring tape on his head. The laying on the bed to measure length. Sitting on the scale.
He's so dramatic.


This was as close as he would let her get without crying.

I think we turned a corner. The four molars are pretty much out, he has slept through the night for the last few, he's back on food, ALL food, and he's much, much happier.

I'm happy to have my Budski back, but I still totally hate that bitch, the Tooth Fairy.

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