Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Away. Alone.

Brian and I took off last week for two nights. Alone.
It was the first time we have been kid free since we were in Mexico. Almost two years ago.



It was so relaxing. You guys, we ate breakfast for an hour and a half. I drank at least 10 cups of coffee while eating my still hot breakfast. And dinner for two and a half hours, where the only food I cut was mine.




It was so freaking easy. There was comfortable silence, I read a book and a half. I didn't have to remind any one to go pee before leaving, we walked at adult paces every where we went and getting in and out of the truck is so fast when there's only my own seat belt to do up. 



It was time and we were both so ready for a small break.
And then we were ready to come home. It took just over 24 hours and we ready.
I am just so not in the business of leaving my kids.


I know when I need a break, some time off. I know that I am so much more the parent I want to be when I am calm and rested and have had time to myself. I know when I am feeling like that, that I need to leave the kids with Brian, grab a magazine and head to the coffee shop to sit alone for an hour or two. I need some time to clear my head and just re-center myself. It doesn't take a lot and I am back to the best version of myself.



That being said, it was so, so nice to go. To sleep in and laugh and say as many swear words as I wanted, whenever the hell I wanted to. Ahhh, freedom of speech - haven't had that in awhile! It felt f**cking great. Heh.




I was not frantic or worried about leaving the kids. Maybe because it was such a short amount of time, or maybe I am just getting better about it. Or maybe it's because I know they love being with Brians parents and that they were fine. Either way, it was an easy good bye.



And a very excited hello. Honestly, all four of us were excited. The last 20 minutes of our drive were so freaking long... we both just wanted to get there and pick them up and hug them. The hello? Better than I could ever have imagined. They both came running and Jaces excited panting... ohhh I wish I had been videoing, because it was hilarious and perfect and was dripping in love and happiness for us.


The rest of the day, no one was out of direct line of sight. There was a lot of hugging and laughing and talking.
We were home and it felt so right.

*all photos in this post taken with my phone. I'm blaming Jace for the lost battery charger for my camera.*

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