Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The One About Jace

I realized that it has been awhile since I updated Jace's current standings....
He's 7 months old for crying out loud. Where the eff did the time go??

We seem to be out of the woods on the old weight issue. Some say an apple a day keeps the doctor away... we say an avocado a day does that. In the beginning he was (in our eyes) huge. In the middle, he was tiny. He now falls somewhere in between, which pretty much lands him at perfect. At the end of March we took him for his first follow up weight appointment and our doctor, whom we love dearly, expressed further concern at his curve on the growth chart. I now hate growth charts, but that's another post altogether. But look at him, he LOOKS healthy, he's happy, he is meeting milestones. I seriously just can't be worried when he looks like this. She agreed, but again referred to the numbers and suggested mixing his (newly fed to) cereal with breast milk rather than water just for the extra calories. Seriously, I'm not sure the extra 3 tbsp's of breast milk a day are going to make all the difference. So rather, we stuffed him full of the fattiest food we know is healthy for a baby - avocado. It was Maizeys saving grace and it's now Jaces also. Along side giant heapings of complex carbs and umpteen bags of cereal, he is finally, finally at a number that every health care professional in our life agrees is healthy. He weighs... wait for it.... a whopping 17 pounds! I know, right?? He wears 6-12 month clothes and fills them out appropriately. He has little rolls on his legs and a dimply little butt. He is 17 pounds of pure cute.

He maintained only two teeth through the rest of March and pretty much all of April. Last week, he cut one top tooth and it wasn't even the middle one. I was horrified at the thought of him smiling with one fang, but the next day the other side cut through and then the day after that the middle two cut through also. In three days, he went from two teeth to six. I hate that bitch, the tooth fairy.

He is a rolling machine. He can get from anywhere to anywhere in the blink of an eye. He gets stuck under the couch all the time. It's not super convenient, when I lay him on the bathmat while I'm in the shower and he rolls himself to the other side of the bathroom and gets his head stuck under the toe kick of the vanity. He is starting to try and raise his bum in the air and pull himself forward. Does this mean crawling is in our near future? If I was of the baby proofing type, I would be getting on that. But I'm not. So whatever.

He waves and claps his hands. He even waves when no one is waving at him. He's a practicer, this kid. He is also a pincher and hair puller. Specifically when I am nursing him - my chest, cheeks, arms, lips and hair don't love it. He knows his name and smiles at the sound of it. Actually, he smiles at the sound of most anything. He laughs so easily, tiny little belly laughs that slay me. He has incredibly descriptive eyebrows. They tell the truth about what he's thinking - wtf? horror? annoyance? surprise? intense? The answer is in the eyebrows. He is a tad bit dramatic when he doesn't want to go to sleep and instantly happy when picked up. He has a tendency to play shy, but warms up quickly. He learned to scream when Maizey came close so that we would shoo her away - we have since stopped and so has he - as long as shes not touching, he's pretty happy to have her around! 

He brings even more laughter and love to our home - something we thought was at capacity with the big kid around here. 

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