Friday, May 18, 2012

Adventures 2012

I have three half written posts sitting in here, waiting for me to find the time to finish them, but when I go to finish them they seem so old news and boring, therefore, half finished and patiently waiting in eternal blog land is where they will sit.
We are off on an adventure for the next week.
Right now we are in Nanaimo visiting Brians brother and his girlfriend and their ten month old daughter (actually, at this exact moment, I am sitting in the truck while Jace sleeps in his seat and Brian and Maizey wander the aisles of Chapters looking for anything fun and amusing for a two year old). Maizey is desperate for Arwyn to want to play with her. Since we all know each other but not all that well, I'm sure they think she is an overbearing beast - but I swear, she just really really wants to play!! That being said, it's always fun when we get to spend time with family, especially those we almost never get to see. Plus, hotels with breakfast included? Awesome.
The "giant car boat" was as crowd pleasing as expected, although someone was a little annoyed to find there was no slide into the ocean. I mean, wtf bc ferries??
One of my most favorite people in the whole world is getting married tomorrow and I could not be more excited to rock out to the best of the '80s with her!
Wish us luck on the next leg of our trip - crossing the border with a loud two year old and a husband that panics in front of people in a booth wearing a uniform asking questions. 

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