Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

Being a mother....
... for me it means a great many things.

Little sleep and long days.
A rare shower by myself.
Cold meals and coffee but warm beer.
Thousands of pictures.
Endless messes and dishes coming out my ass.
Laundry. Freaking laundry. If it doesn't need to be washed, it needs to be folded. If not folded, then certainly put away.
Sticky finger prints.
Stained clothes.
Gut laughs and alligator tears.
Hand holding.
Castle buildig and blocks under feet.
Endless supply of goldfish (the crackers).


A "bambaid" needed for every little thing.
Slow walking.
Bedtime stories.
Waking up to a little face in mine saying "are you in there?"
Dandelion bouquets.
Sharing everything from my ice cream and bed to the bathroom. Always.
Appreciating my mother more than I could ever have before I knew what this journey was all about.
Painting tiny little finger nails.
Repeating myself over and over and over.
One more story.
'Kids say the darndest things' moments.

(this picture totally cracks me up! He looks drunk, right? hahaha)

Smiles that turn me into mush.
Fights and compromises.
A two year old that doesn't care what compromise means.
Hearing 'I love you Mom'. Seriously, who doesn't well up when they hear that?
 Finding the magic in pretend phone calls, the fake meals and the imaginary marigolds.
Watching two little pieces of my heart live and breathe.


Thank you to the little girl that made me a Mama and to the little boy that filled my heart with even more love than I knew possible. I love you both to the moon and back. Thank you for a wonderful, meaningful Mothers Day. I will rest easily tonight knowing just how much you love me and I, you. xo

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  1. "A two year old that doesn't care what compromise means."

    ugh yes, this.

    I know. Motherhood is so amazing, and yet so absolutely tough. I know, I know...