Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Diaper Snuggle

Every night for the last year and a bit, before we go to bed, we quietly slip Maizeys diaper and p.j's back on while she sleeps. Every night when she goes to bed, she waits until we leave the room then she strips down and piles her diaper and pyjamas into a ball with her blankie and stuffs it under her belly so that she is laying, all curled up with the ball underneath her. Every. Single. Night. She rarely wakes up as we get her dressed and she has never wondered how, magically, she is fully clothed the next morning. It's now just part of nightly routine. Recently she has started to come up repeatedly to go to the bathroom again before she goes to sleep (poor girl is cursed with my teeny tiny little bladder.). This means that some nights we literally put her diaper and p.j's (damn one piece sleepers!!!!) on three, four, five times. Tonight, after the second pee....

Me: So, are you just going to take this off as soon as you get downstairs? 

Maizey: Ya, I am. 

Me: Ok, well then you know what? Tonight is going to be a really special night and you get to go to bed with just your p.j's on!

Maizey: Yayy! Ok!

*zips up her sleeper and sends her to bed. 

- - Five seconds after her door closes.... - -

Maizey:  **sobbbbbbiiinnngggggg**

- - Little feet running up the stairs - -

Me: What are you crying about??

- - Naked Maizey comes around the corner - -

Maizey: But I need my diaper onnnnn..... *more sobbing*  come into the bathroom and put it on me pleasseeee Mom.

Me: Why Missy? You are just going to take it off when you get down there anyways!!!!

Maizey: *sob* because I *sob sob sob* like to *sob* snuggle it.... 

 So there we go. Now I know why she does what she does.

This kid, she's a one of a kind.


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