Friday, May 25, 2012

Adventure 2012 Home

I love vacations, everything about them...staying in hotels, finding new hole-in-the-wall restaurants with great food, meeting new people, the excitement and adventure. I love it. You know what else I love? Coming home from vacation.
We made it home last night after two long last days.
We were all happy to walk in the door and have some space.
My family are all fantastic traveling companions. My kids are great in the car - Jace sleeps and Maizey tries to touch him. She takes his blankets and his toys and says she is going to poke his eye. When he doesn't wake up or act bothered by it, she forgets about him and sits nicely. She sings and reads and talks our ears off. Brian and I mesh well on the road together. He highway drives, I navigate the cities. We are both expert map readers. We make stops when we need to and are happy to not stop at all too. When we can't get the radio to work, we ride in quiet. We put in close to 1400 miles last week and I can say that there were (almost) no fights. (*almost* because he seriously needs to RELAX when crossing the border. Seriously) (I drove on the way back across the border. For the record.)
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at bedtime, Maizey lay sobbing in her bed that she wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed. On Thursday morning when we said we would finally be sleeping in our own beds that night, she sobbed that she wanted to go back to the water park.
We found a Target and I was not disappointed. There are a lot of things to buy in a Target that are only $1 - thats my kind of store!
We have suitcases to unpack and mountains of stuff to still put away - but our new bbq is put together... and has already cooked dinner for us once in its less than 24 hour life... it's all about priorities people!
McGiven Family vacation comes to a close for 2012... it was fun and exciting and not even a little bit relaxing and we came home far more exhausted than when we left, but hey... thats what vacation with kids is about right?


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