Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend Away

I am home from a weekend away, just Jace and I.
I'm not normally in the business of leaving my kids for any length of time. First of all, I don't have many places to go, and second of all, it's just not how I roll. A night here and there where Maizey has a sleep over at her Nana and Papas is good. But now that I say that I'm thinking back and aside from the night Jace was born and we were in the hospital, she has only been gone one night in well over a year.
Some nights I don't get a lot of sleep and some mornings I curse the numbers on the clock that say 6:15, but really I'm happy to be home and with my little family.
This weekend away came about at the last minute. We had plans to head to Calgary for my high school bestie, Hummel's, wedding reception. A timing and location conflict meant we couldn't be there for the actual big day - I had a six week old baby, the wedding was in Mexico, so the reception in Calgary was obvious. We would be there. But then winter blew in over night and the roads got icy and the temperature plummeted to somewhere around minus 150 thousand and suddenly my husband was all it's too dangerous and I'm a sissy about winter driving and I need to get my nails done blah blah blah.
I may or may not have had a small hissy fit about it's SO unfair wahh wahh wahh when Brian agreed that sometimes you have to be spontaneous and just do what you feel is the right thing to do. So at 11am on Thursday I was booking a flight for Jace and me and at 5:30 that night we were in the air on our way. So what that it's a two hour drive for 35 minutes in the air, right?! Jace was a total superstar on his first flight. Then again on our return. Thankfully!
We spent four whole days relaxing with my parents, lunching with friends, spending nights in fancy downtown hotels ordering room service and locking ourselves out of rooms where little baby boys are laying awake. Okay that part may have only been my Mom. It sure was a nice break and I think my parents were excited to have a little one on one time with Jace, although we all were missing Maizey and her energy.
I got to get dressed up and go to the fancy reception without diaper bag and baby in tow. But more about the party and my little Hummel later this week.
It was a fantastic four days and I was ready to come home, although it's never easy saying goodbye.
These two missed each other.


I came home to an obscene amount of snow, a happy little girl and an equally as happy husband.


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  1. I've been meaning to schedule a visit with you and ask about where you and Jace went. From your facebook picture I didn't realize that Maizey wasn't with you. Now that I know I can be a "bad" friend a little bit longer, although I really do miss you and Maizey and Jace and even Brian.
    FYI: by "bad" I really do just mean BUSY!