Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

We were lucky enough to have Brian home all of Christmas after all. So we ate, played games, and sat gathered around his parents kitchen table for the better part of the three days he was home. If I had to be anywhere other than with my own family, it would have been right there.


Maizey "got" Christmas and the whole deal this year, but she still wasn't crazy about the opening part. It would've been fine, except she had to open Jaces' as well. Then go to Nana and Papas and open those as well.



She quit half way through and just wanted to play hide and seek. Her cousins told her to get lost (they love opening gifts!). I love that my girl is still satisfied with very little and plan on working to maintain that. She certainly wasn't expecting more and more and more.


We continued on with our fun traditions and added a new one. We got the idea from a blog I read, so when we got home late on Christmas Eve, we sprinkled a mess of oats, cereal and whatever else we could randomly find, in the driveway as Reindeer Food, then in the morning Brian went out and scuffed it all up and voila, the Reindeer ate the food and Maizey was perplexed as to why she couldn't see the reindeer or Santa anywhere.
The new matching p.j's were adorable and cozy.


Santa's letter was written and a reply sat waiting in the morning. Maizey finished off the leftover cookie that we had left for him, which I thought was super thoughtful of her.
My 'to be taken very seriously' eggs benedict were delicious and well received, even by a certain two year old that has already acquired a taste for the finer foods in life.
I tried my hand at the Best of Bridge Land of Nod Cinnamon Buns and they were also well received and tasty. If you have never heard of them or had them before, go, get the stuff and make them. So easy and so yummy.


Our home was cozy and happy and christmasy and smelled of cinnamon buns. It was delightful in the coffee and baileys warm in my tummy kind of way. Which I obviously know all about.


Hoping Christmas 2011 found everyone, everywhere warm, happy and safe.

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