Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hide And Go Seek

Maizey is just starting to really get into playing hide and seek. She asks multiple times a day to play, most times with Brian and he usually obliges. Like any newcomer to the game (or a two year old), she's not so great at hiding.


You know, like half under a blanket, or facing the wall hiding her eyes as in - I can't see you so you can't see me. We always make a big deal about looking for her - Is Maizey under the couch? Nope, not there. Is Maizey under the coffee table? Nope, not there either. Hmmm, I wonder if she is in the closet? Nope. Why can't I find her? I wonder if she could be behind the chair? Yesss, there you are!! She giggles the whole time and often answers the questions - No, I not in the closet. I over here. We thought the being dramatic was adding to the fun. Plus then it makes the round a minute or two longer, rather than thirty seconds. She's always a good sport about being found and taking her turn counting.


This morning she wanted to play, so I counted and she hid. I heard her grunting and furniture moving, so I counted very slowly to allow her time to get into position. I called ready or not here I come and she squealed with excitement. I did the usual, looking and calling out every other possible place before finding her behind the chair in the living room. She climbed out and instructed me to hide in the same spot while she went to count. I, of course didn't listen. My eyes darted around the room and decided to climb under the computer desk. Sister was counting fast and I had to move quick. I had just sat down and started to scooch when she decided to skip numbers 4-7... great, I frantically slid the chair back into place, but it wasn't really fast enough... just as I let go to quickly hide my arms, she came around the corner from the kitchen and looked RIGHT AT ME - our eyes locked and we both smiled. I didn't say anything and she kept about the business of looking for me as though it had never happened - hmmm is Mom under the couch? Nope, not there. I wonder if she's under the table? Nope, not there. I think behind the chair? No, not there. Hmmm, I wonder if shes under the computer? Yesss, there you are Mom.  

Turns out we weren't fooling anyone. She loves it and so do we, but from now on I will be finding real hiding places. 


  1. Awesome!!!!
    When Colton and Maddy play it's hilarious. When it's Maddy's turn to hide she can't quit laughing so being found requires no effort....

  2. OH! I miss playing hide and seek with a little kid! You can get them to giggle SO EASILY!

  3. awww I bet Colton loves playing with Maddie!
    Won't be long before Vivi and Addie are playing too... awww the cute will be unbearable in those pictures I'm sure!