Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Fun

I came home on Monday to close to three feet of fresh snow. You may think I am exaggerating, but believe me when I say (sadly) that I am not.


Our town doesn't shut down with that much snow... it actually seems to, well, thrive. The livelihood of Revy is determined by how much of the white stuff we get, the skiers and sledders flock here thanks to it. If stores didn't open and schools closed every time we got a big dump *heh*, kids wouldn't learn much in the winter months and businesses would make substantially less money.



Some people even live here specifically FOR the snow. I know, I don't get it either.
But seriously, we need to make the best of it, because if we don't - Imma be crazy in no time.



Brian built a kick ass snow slide in our yard. It's so much fun that we played on it until well after dark last night and then again the better part of the morning and into the afternoon today.
And now that the path is packed nice and hard to the top Maizey doesn't need any help to get up, sit down, turn around, get her feet in front of her, and wheeee!! All I need is a lawn chair and a beer a cup of coffee.

We had one tired little girl tonight. So if anyone needs to wear their kids out, come on over! Good times at Case de McGiven!


  1. I wanna come... Kidlets in tow!!!! Colton and Maddy are crazy for sledding...anytime, anywhere, any temperature and the more snow the better!!!!

  2. Love your snow photo's, I'm a little yealous we don't have that much snow here, it was a little (you can see it on my blog)

    Hugs from the Netherlands