Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Sleep And Sick Day

Since December 27th there has been exactly one night that I have gotten more than 2 hours straight of sleep. I am running on fumes.
I think my kids get together every afternoon for a tiny little team meeting where they map out their game plan for the night. They decide whether they should tag team us - one tags the other in as they're falling asleep, and this goes on for the entire night. Or will they both get up at the same time and then stay awake for hours on end? Or, my personal favorite, Maizey says to Jace why don't you just sleep, I'll take the night shift tonight. So Jace gets up around midnight to eat, goes back to sleep at 1 and at 2:30ish Maizey gets up and stays up till 4:30ish, then Jace gets up at 6 or so to eat again.
I hope they don't wonder why I get all yell-y and crazy by the time the afternoon comes around. Lack of sleep makes sane people crazy, it's a fact. I am living proof.
I'm not asking for a lot really. Just for my two year old to sleep through the night and my 3 month old to get up only once for a late night light snack and then back to sleep until no earlier than 7. That's all.

I wrote that last night before I fell asleep on the couch and then stumbled to my bed at 9:15.

I got two blessed solid hours of sleep before Maizey climbed in with me. She felt warm and was restless. I dozed until 1:00a.m when I was awoken to her throwing up in my bed. It was a frantic few minutes. She clearly has the flu. She hasn't stopped throwing up since.
We stayed in today, watching movies and countless episodes of Backyardigans. My Ang brought us some ginger ale this afternoon and she's been sipping on that.
I'm never really sure how to handle these days, but am trying to trust my instincts and do what feels right - which today was build a fort and nap on the living room floor. Oh, and call my Mom to ask what to do. Heh.
Maizey seems to be keeping some crackers down now... so hopefully we are past the worst of it.
I have been washing my hands like a mad woman and keeping her little hands out of Jaces face too, so heres to hoping no one else gets it.

Soon, it will be my night for sleep. For now, I have a sick little girl that needs me. 

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