Monday, September 19, 2011


There was an audible shift in seasons this weekend. The (few we had) dog days of summer are over and fall has arrived. Yesterday at the farmers market there were more vests and shoes and apples. The streets are now lined with crunchy leaves and I feel like pulling out my slippers. Its that time of year.
With the seasonal shift came a definite shift in me, as well. All last week when people would ask me if I was ready for "this" to be over I would reply with a slow 'yaaaa, I'm getting there' - yesterday, I replied with a(n almost aggressive) 'yes, I am ready'.
This big body is getting harder to heave around, the constant pressure on my bladder is making me crazy, and I could seriously kill for a beer. I can already taste that first ice cold pull. Sleep is interrupted every few hours for trips to the bathroom and my hands and feet are getting more swollen by the minute. I love being pregnant, I really do. I love all the feeling baby move and the knowledge that my body is performing the amazing feat of growing a little human in there. But I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. I am ready for the next phase. I'm ready for my clothes to fit again and to stop eating sausage rolls, on a semi-daily basis.
I'm ready.... any day now. Any day. 

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  1. Yeah! for fall and a baby soon :)