Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still Waiting

Still waiting....
so that means...
...after dinner walks to the river to throw rocks
...playing on the dirt piles in the driveway
...Chinese food - in an attempt to make the baby want to come out
...afternoon naps
...sausage rolls (they will have to stop one day!)
...these last days as a family of three.

Maizey knows something is going on. We've seen a change in her over the last week and while I would be lying if I said we were calm, cool and collected about the sudden shift, we are coming to terms with it and tying to change along side her. I didn't want to remember these last days with just her, as a constant fight, so I stopped fighting her. She wants to be close. She won't go to bed alone and she suddenly wants to cuddle. Really, if she needs me to lay with her while she falls asleep for her nap, what could possibly be so important that I don't have the ten minutes to spare? I will take the ten minutes of snuggling (and partially restraining) her if it means she will sleep. Plus, prior to this, she was the most un-snuggling kid in the world, so I deserve the snuggles! haha. She stays up later and gets up earlier. She makes her way into our room in the middle of the night to sleep with us. So we let her. We have years to kick her out, right now, she wants to be with us, and truth be told, we want to be with her.
Its been a long few days... after tonight, I am officially over-due.
We are spending a lot of time laying on the couch.

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  1. GOOOOOD LUCK!!! Sending all my love and can't wait to hear about everything. <3