Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few little funny things Maizey has said that I want to record in hopes that when I read through them in the future I will be transported back to that moment in time and re-live it.

Me: Who wants to have rice for supper?
Maizey: Me. Not you. Only me.


as we are walking out of a random store
Maizey: Mom, I need a latte.

(does that mean we go out for coffee too often?!)


I was *quietly* talking to my computer and in place of a certain, um, *bad word*,  I will use donkey
Me: What the donkey is going on with you?

Maizey *quietly* to her wooden fruit
 Donkey! DONKEY!

To Paolas dog that was barking at us 

Reiker! You shut your mouth!

(Honestly, we don't say that to her... I have no idea where it came from!!)


Okay Mom, you gimme the keys and stay in the house. I need to go for a drive. Alone.


5:00a.m - I go upstairs to go to the bathroom

Maizey: Mom, you going pee? Good morning.


The day before the birthday party, I was going to bake the cupcakes while she was napping and I told her that. I went to check on her, as she had been napping for almost 3 hours, I peeked my head in the door and saw her laying there half asleep, on her stomach. She looked at me through one open eye and very seriously asked me: 
You make the cupcakes mom? 



  1. Not only do I hope that these DO transport you back to the moment, I thank you for writing and sharing it because they transport me back to certain moments as well =)

  2. HAHHAHAHHAH...... I can't tell you how much I love this entry!!! Now I feel I need to write the same.

  3. Ah..............Maizey Maizey Maizey!!!!!!!!!!!