Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Same But Different

Twenty One Weeks. Over half way. I can hardly believe it.

Everything is slowly coming back to me, feeling familiar, yet foreign. The twinges and pangs are constant little reminders that I am growing a little human in there.
When pregnant with Maizey, I ate toasted tomato sandwiches for breakfast almost every morning. This time around, I still eat sandwiches, just cheese and pickle instead. ( I know, I know, pregnant woman buys pickles by the truck load, haha)
Last time, I had two cravings - five cent candies and a slurpee. Upon getting said items, I was left unsatisfied as I really don't care for either of those things. Again, this time, I got a weird (to me) craving, but this time, I was left feeling very satisfied. A soft ice-cream sundae from the Nomad. I am fearing that I am going to be all over that when the full blown hot weather gets here.
I had an intense feeling that Maizey was going to be a girl right off the bat. So much so, that when the doctor said "It's a girl", all I could think was Obviously. I already knew that. I have no idea this time. Not even a little bit. I was thinking boy in the beginning, but the dreaded love handles and back fat have started to make their grand entrance again (albeit, much much later this time), so now, I have NO idea.
This 15-year-old-boy-acne. Seriously. What the hell? I definitely did NOT have this with Maizey. And I really, really don't care for it. (For purely vain reasons, I will not be posting a picture of it. Yikes)
I am due a month later than my due date with Maizey. I wore maternity clothes a month earlier this time. Despite having gained approximately half the weight I did with Maizey, my belly is much bigger.


 I feel the need to sleep a lot less, even though I think I am feeling more tired. Maybe I just had the time pre-Maizey to sleep more.

Regardless of all the differences, I am still remembering all the things that are the same. The excitement at more frequent and stronger action. The first time Brian felt a kick. The little Michelle Kwan moves going on in there, in what I can only assume is actually very little space. Its all so strange, yet not strange at all.
I am just one of those people that really does enjoy being pregnant.
This could very easily be the last time I am pregnant, so I am just going to savor every little feeling. Every new roll of back fat and all.

My view

Dont be distracted, like I am when I look at this photo, by my need to re-paint my toenails


  1. You are soo beautiful Amy!
    Ps. Hayden was due one month after Soph's due date too.. ;)

  2. Oh Katie, you always say the nicest things! Thank you!
    I think it will be a good age difference. I hope, anyways.