Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardening And Watermelon

My body is screaming YOU DID TOO MUCH YOU DID TOO MUCH GO TO BED... and to be honest, I did do too much. But that's ok, you know why? Because it was a beautiful day out, I got a lot of stuff accomplished, I ate watermelon, which hello, yum! that never hurts and come tomorrow morning, I won't be stiff anymore, so who really cares.
My garden is ready to be planted, and had the damn hardware had the seeds I wanted, it would be done, but alas that was not the case. So hopefully I will get that done in the next few days. I am so ready for fresh carrots!!
I planted one little planter. Now if the porch of our house didn't look so, um... rustic? (ha) it would look a lot nicer. Oh well, it will all come together in time.
The cute little bath tub in the back garden is weeded and ready for something to go in it.. any suggestions?? Its mostly in the shade.
Maizey and I walked with my friend formerly known as my running friend, who is now just my friend, since its been a really long hiatus from the running. We still work out most mornings, and today we just walked instead. We walked long, but not really fast and she helped me out at the end by pushing the stroller. Its nice to be able to drink coffee, chat and get some exercise all at once. Plus, I really like her, so an un-interrupted  hour to just visit is good, really good.
And then we ate watermelon. Hello my summer love.
I did take a lot of pleasure in seeing Maizeys dirty little gardening hands wrapped around a piece of this seasonal deliciousness.

 And in seeing the juice drip off her chin. Now that is someone that is really enjoying it!

Good day, really really good day. Besides the 5am wake up call and late nap.
But seriously, my body is screaming at me. Its bed time.

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