Monday, May 23, 2011

Maizey Knows

The older Maizey gets, the more she gets things. She has expectations and ideas, she laughs at herself and us when we do funny things.
She remembers where she puts things, like the keys. There have been more than one operation find the keys, when we should have just asked her where she put them.
Then I watch her casually make her way around the living room, with her hands in her pockets, kicking her heels, until she gets to her kitchen, where she lifts the sink out, peers in, looks at me all sweet-like, reaches her arm in and pulls out my keys that I have been searching for, for like, a good 10 minutes.
"I get them mama"
 I found a red ball on the floor of the truck today, underneath a bunch of crap. I asked her where the ball came from and she answered me "Tuckers ball-ball", so I asked her where it came from and she said "no know" . Then I remembered that they were playing with it when we went fishing with Tucker and his dad, so she must have swiped it and we didn't notice. Sorry Tucker, we'll get that back to you!!
My point is, that she remembers things. And knows things. Things that I would probably never have thought she knew, or remembered.
She sings songs now, no they aren't word for word and she is bigger on doing the actions in the right order than saying the right words, but still, she totally knows songs. Happy Birthday. The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Elmos Song. Elmos Ducks.
Pretty soon there aren't going to be anymore secrets just between us... soon shes going to start ratting me out to Brian about where we were and what we were doing. Like how we stopped two blocks from home to eat the treat we bought so we don't have to share. *Ahem* not that that's ever happened. But if it does, I so will not be getting away with it very soon.

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