Tuesday, May 3, 2011

20 Month Old Maizey-isms

Maizeys quirkiness is one of the things I love most about her. She does things that crack us up, all the time. Sometimes its the looks and actions, but more and more lately, its been the words she saying. Her vocabulary is getting so big, and she is testing out new words all the time. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to figure out exactly what she says, but the more we pay attention, the more we see just how many things she picks up on, and repeats.
I just want there to be a record of some of the cute little things she is saying and doing right now. She just hit the 20 month mark and all of a sudden, she has become a totally different little girl. Complete with tempter tantrums and all. 

Me: So Maizey, we are going to have pizza for supper tonight. 
Maizey: No, sushi.

Maizey, how old are you?
Umm, six. No, two. uhhhh, eighteen months.

 A conversation with herself while she should have been sleeping:

Melmo Melmo Melmo... NAP
Baby Baby Baby... NAP

Then she quietly lays her blanket over them and kisses them

 Q: Are you going to have a bath after dinner tonight Maizey?
A: Bubbles? 

As the snow melted over the last few weeks, there was a ton of garbage left in the yard.
As she picked up a broken Tupperware container and a soggy smarties box, she was yelling at us - BARGAGE. BARGAGE. BARGAGE. We were saying, I have no idea what you are talking about.
It took a while to realize she was saying garbage all along.

(Insert evil sounding laugh)
Ha Ha Ha Funny, Me. Ha Ha Ha. 

The conversations with herself are getting more interesting too.

Papa, house? No, Papa house.
Nana, house? No, Nana house.
Meow Meow house? Yes. 

Dora Dora? No. 
Max, Wudy? No.
Wee Vee, No. 

Me's milp? There it is. 
(asking where is my milk? Then answering, Oh, there it is)

For some reason... I can't think of anymore. Funny, when they happen, I am certain I will never forget them. I will try to remember more for another day.


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  1. She is so Cute! I can't wait to see you guys. We're coming down for july 1st for a week to 10 days. We'll have to make a trip over to Revelstoke to see you all.