Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stonger Tape

So we are having this... I dunno, I hesitate to call it an issue... this... situation... occurrence... happening... in our house right now. Its been going on for about a month or so. I guess it could be called an issue, since three times now it actually has been an issue... I posted awhile ago about the crazy scenes we come into when we check on Maizey at night - one leg out of her sleeper, two legs, one arm, her diaper half off and so on. Then she started actually taking her p.j's totally off. Then she started taking her diaper all the way off too. Now, she won't keep either her p.j's or her diaper on, any night or morning. We find it really cute and hilarious and I take a picture of my tiny little naked girl asleep in her bed cuddling Elmo and her blankets all the time. We just get her re-dressed before we go to bed, or as many times as we find her naked before we go to bed, and we almost always wake up to a mostly naked Missy. Its not a big deal that shes naked... I always envisioned a naked toddler. Its the messes that are a big deal. It doesn't always happen, in fact, it's quite rare for there to be a mess in her bed, but when there is... its not cool. And you know why? Because out of all the naked nights and mornings, shes only peed the bed twice. Its the other mess that's bad and not funny. Its gross. Three times, that's all. But all three times, its been only me home and me that has to clean it up. Not that it would be better if Brian were home to do the clean up, it needs to not happen at all... I'm just saying, it would be easier for me. I have heard (what I consider to be) horror stories of kids taking their diapers off and playing in it, so I guess it could be worse, but none the less, its gross.
A few weeks ago we started looking for ways to get her to stop doing it, but she's outsmarted us every time. At first, she couldn't get out of two piece p.j's, so she wore them every night... till she figured them out. Next we tried putting her sleepers on backwards - genius, right? Only for two nights. Then BAM, figured that out too. Then we tried taping the diaper on, since that's really the big deal. Again, two nights was all that lasted, now we find pieces of tape all over her bed, stuck to Elmo's head, the bars and her blankets. I know now that I don't need to go on that show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. I'm not even smarter than an eighteen month old.
I think stronger tape (i.e DUCT tape) is our next option. Besides getting her potty trained.
Any suggestions?


  1. hahaha...i love that kid! Cheeky monkey :)

  2. Less fibre? :)
    I don't think you'll find a method to her madness, she is the obviously the one who's out smarting you both (which sucks), but it does sound like she might be ready to potty.
    Less to no liquids after dinner you can try and or possibly start using cloth diapers, maybe she's irritated down there.
    Just some thoughts, good luck, especially with your heightened sense of smell. You poor girl, hang in there.

  3. I'd also suggest cloth diapers, the snaps are often very tight, or use snappi's or diaper pins.
    I'd also recommend working strongly towards potty training, using EC as a guide. My kids never pooped in their sleep, that's interesting. In fact, they won't GO to sleep if they need to poop. I always get my kids up about an hour after they fall asleep and put them on the's a great age to do this, even if she still has her diaper on, she might leave it on after potty since she might not need to pee, and pottying a sleeping child is usually quite easy :)