Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pregnancy Bump...In The Road

I don't always have the easiest time admitting it when things change. I am fully aware of my capabilities and limitations and of myself. I am honest about what I can do, want (or not) to do, and what I am still learning to do. I very rarely think I can't do something. When I am physically unable to do something, I first think about a way around it, then either continue or pass it off to Brian. Take shoveling the driveway right now, for example. The banks are too high on both sides for me to throw the snow over them (thank you short genes), or atleast even get it to the top. So with every shovel full, I get all that snow, plus what comes with it, back on the ground a few feet in front of me. I don't mind doing the shoveling at all, so I tried another way... shovel it all to the end of the driveway, onto the street and let the plow take it away. It sounded good in theory, but honestly, it's SO heavy and we aren't guaranteed that the plow is going to make it down our street. So, I handed all the shoveling duties off to Brian. He respectfully declined, and now our driveway hasn't been shoveled for the last three snows. Whatever, I was told a long time ago to choose my battles wisely. I am okay with knowing that I can't shovel right now... there are plenty more winters to come where I will do my fair share. That being said, I don't love admitting that I can't do it, and seeing that it needs to be done and knowing that I can't go do it.
Yesterday I met my first pregnancy related limitation. I didn't love learning this lesson, even a little bit. I have kept up my 5 day a week (usually) workout regime since I found out about Swarly. I admit I was nervous to do much, but once I saw it was fine, I was fine. So far I have maintained pretty much the same intensity I always did. I was feeling proud and strong. Then yesterday happened. Stacey wanted to do some squats. Jump squats. So we came up with this pyramid structure... she does one, I do one, she does two, I do two, etc etc, until 10, then come back down, she does nine, I do nine, she does eight, I do eight. We have done it before with push ups and it was awesome. I made it up to the 10... then I had to lay on the floor and let the sick feeling pass. I needed water and a break. After 55 squats. I can't remember the last time that happened.
It was a very rude awakening.
Yes, I stopped and let it pass. And no, I did not continue at the same intensity. But, I did feel ridiculous and weak. I had both Brian and Stacey assuring me I was neither of those things, so I was thankful for that. But it was still hard on my head, to have it happen. It's easy to see the physical changes going on - any random person can see it, its not as easy for my head to admit it. Or give in to it. I like being capable of anything I want, that's how I roll. So this? Not cool, okay?
I finished my work out yesterday and didn't cry (right now, I totally consider that a win). I will take it down a notch next workout. I will remember that my body is growing a baby, its not in training for a marathon (well a running marathon, anyways) and that that is hard work. I will be kind to it and appreciate that I am strong and capable and this doesn't mean I'm not. It just means that things are changing and I have to go with it.


  1. Take it easy-- or easier YOU.. Don't push too hard, or it will push back :) (Well soon)

  2. I did the math today (because that's what I do in my spare time) and you did 72 jump squats before switching to normal squats. I'm pretty sure neither of us could of done that at this time last year. You're not weak but some people might think that many jump squats is ridiculous (pregnant or not). We all have bad days, normally I push you through yours and you push me through mine but sometimes we just call it a day and have coffee. There have been many times in the last few weeks where the only reason that I didn't stop was because all I could hear in my head was 'how could you do less than a pregnant woman?' Working out with you pushes me everyday to do as good as a woman growing a baby - a task that requires a LOT of energy.