Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sharing Stuff

Yesterday was Earth Hour. One hour in the evening you shut all of the lights off in your house.

I convinced Brian to shut the lights off, but couldn't convince him to shut the computer down or turn off the t.v.

We were late starting by half an hour.

We had scheduled a two hour Prison Break marathon at 9:00p.m.

Precisely when we shut the lights off.

As I hurried getting ready for bed to watch the show, I went into the dark bathroom and felt around for my toothbrush. I came up with both Brian's and my own. I took them to the window at the back of the house to try and tell who's was who's.

Mine being the purple one, was lighter.

I brushed my teeth while he cursed at not being able to see while he shut up the house for the night.

He came to brush his teeth and I handed him the dry tooth brush.

"How do you know this one is mine?"

"First of all, because I'm awesome and second of all, because I checked in the light of the moon from the window. I'm smart like that" 

"I don't trust you. You know how gross I think sharing tooth brushes is"

"What difference does it make now? I already brushed my teeth, and even if I was wrong, you aren't using mine. Plus, I'm awesome and checked in the moon light. Want me to show you?"

"No, I will just be smarter and check by the light of the fridge door being opened."

"Seriously? You are that worried about it? Here, look, I have them in the moonlight again. See, mine is the lighter one, the purple...
Um, wait, why does the purple kind of look neon green in this light?"

"Because you are not awesome and you used MY TOOTHBRUSH!! You know how sick I think that is. 
gag- I think I just puked in my mouth. Thanks."

"I'm sorry. If you are really that grossed out, just run it under some really hot water and sterilize it. I think that works. If not, whatever, I am sure you have had more disgusting things in your mouth."

"I hate you"

True story. He didn't find it funny.

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