Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fa La La La La

I have been a bad blogger, I know. I have all these big ideas for posts and then I start to write them but just end up leaving the page open for hours on end. Nothing good to say, no good stories to tell, not even any pictures. Then the sun started shining and the snow started melting(ish) and all of a sudden I magically started to notice funny things again and pick up my camera again, and well, that may result in the worlds longest post. Just a little disclaimer.
:: The diaper situation has not been resolved. It hasn't gotten worse, but it still hasn't gotten better either. We talk to her about why she needs to keep her clothes on and why she can't take her diaper off. She nods and says ok, as though she gets it, but 15 minutes later, when we check again - naked. I am not opposed to duct tape, we just don't have any. I WILL get some.
:: Potty training... we have started, very slowly. She loves it - thinks sitting on the "pobby" is fantastic. We have had very little success with her actually going on the potty, but we have also had very few accidents, which to me almost feels like a win. Plus, Missy can hold her bladder, and as my friend Stacey told me, that's not something you can teach, so again, feels like a win.
:: The little 19month vocabulary is steadily growing. Her cognition is visible. We say it to her, she watches and nods and smiles and copies. Whenever the situation arises again, she says it without being prompted. She dumps her water on the floor then yells "MESS" at me. Today she was quietly eating her bowl of soup in the kitchen while both Brian and I were in the living room. We heard a crash and got up to see what it was. Turned out she wasn't quietly eating, she was quietly throwing handfuls of soup all over the place, the crash was her bowl hitting the floor. We both gasped and rushed at her. This is what she said: "MESS, yucky, down." While showing us her hands that were clearly "yucky". It was bad and hilarious at the same time. We hid our laughing faces from her so as to be stern, but it was hard. Her total awareness that it was a mess, it was yucky and she did want to get down was clear.  I am trying to sensor myself but honestly, I am not that good at it. I have tried to start saying "what the mother of crap"... I figure that is less offensive should she ever copy it, which I know is inevitable.
:: Elmo has become a bit of a big deal around here. We watch clips on YouTube and we bought her an Elmo doll, which she sleeps with, hugs, kisses and carts around the house. We skyped with my dad and she all of a sudden started singing Elmos song. Which for her went something like hmmm hm hmm hmmm hmm Melmo Melmo Melmo hmmm hm hm.
Elmo even gets to be in on snack time

:: the Rubber Boots. Behold the greatest purchase of the year:

They are a size too big so she had trouble maneuvering them in the beginning, always tripping over the toes, but shes mostly figured them out now. Everyone we meet on the street that makes eye contact with her, she lifts her foot for and exclaims "BOOPS!!". She loves them.
:: She also loves puddles.


:: She also loves putting her hands in the puddles and then sucking the water off them.
:: St Patricks Day came along and we realized that due to the fact someones wardrobe seriously lacks in the green department, she had to spend the day dressed as an '80s aerobics instructor.

But she did get to splash in some snowy slushy puddles, so she didn't care.
Spring is coming. I am not discounting the fact that it could snow at any given second around here, but I have been praying to the sun gods that it will just stay nice for a little while longer, in hopes that the "little while longer" will get us through to April, then on into May. I am not opposed to sun dances either. We are wearing less coats and more vests and lighter hats and no mitts. We go for walks in running shoes rather than boots and we wear sunglasses. We open windows and let the dust get stirred up. We also see a whole lot more dust with the sun shining in. I, for one, let the dust stay where it is, cuz when the sun is shining, this mama is getting her ass outside. We busted out the wagon yesterday and took a stroll in it... the way Maizey sat all perfect and still in it with a big grin on her face, you would've thought she was Miss. Revelstoke riding atop the float in the parade in a pretty white dress and gloves. She could not have been happier. Soon it will be bbq's, bocci, gardening and grass.We are more than ready.


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