Friday, February 25, 2011

On Being Nicer

I have 5 minutes *give or take* to myself. Brian and Maizey just quickly went to get batteries. I feel like relaxing in a steaming hot bubble bath. Instead I will frantically type this post that says I have 5 minutes to myself and I wanted it and further more, needed it. Before someone is home and standing beside me whining over and over again for "Doa Doa Doa Doa Doa Doa" (her way of asking to watch Dora) and someone else is repeatedly asking me ridiculous questions like "have you seen my tape measure" and "Remember when I put the fan up in the living room and it came without all the screws? Well, the screws came in the mail, do you remember where I put all the tools that I used to put it together with? I need the little screw driver" - to which my response will be... silence.
I'm pissy today for no good reason. I wanted to go out of town for the night, but with Brians job unpredictability, we couldn't make it work. I know its not his fault, but still... I'm pissy about it, and I'm acting like a 6 year old. To my own demise, this has always been my problem... I get an idea in my head and then its as good as done. So when it falls through I am always disappointed and then, well, not very nice. Poor Brian. And poor me. I know I know, don't feel too sorry for yourself Amy, its your own fault. But for the record, I don't want to be miserable, or mean or whatever and I AM trying to be nice and not jerk-ish, I'm just not sure how good of a job I'm doing. Although, I did empty the dishwasher, which I loathe doing and always ask Brian to do, so that says something right?
In an attempt to snap out of this, I am taking action.. Its a beautiful (albeit, very very cold) day out, so while Maizey is down for a nap I am going out in search of something happy. Not sure what I will find or where I will find it, but it is my mission to come home with a smile.
Good luck to my family. I promise this won't last forever.


  1. This is a really good post. I was kind of getting sick and tired of the perfect mom/wife/woman routine. :) Just kidding.

    We're all entitled to be pissy sometimes. Acknowledging that you need space to get over it is good, as are taking steps to get it sorted before anyone gets offended. I get pissy when I'm hungry, and it comes on fast. Rebekah is better at spotting it than I am, but I'm learning (slowly) and try to escape proximity before I lash out.

    Communication and compromise are learned skills, and require practice, but only when everyone is open to discussion.

    Hope you found a smile.

  2. I know the feeling girl. <3