Thursday, February 24, 2011



Three and a half weeks... and its good to be home. Our stuff is still in piles at the front door, I'm okay with it. Our driveway is one big drift of snow and I'm okay with that too. The front door is in need of a body check to get it open, like a really hard body check, thanks to the shifting of the snow on the roof of the carport. So as to be able to actually, you know, open the door from the inside and not, say, need to call Ang to come and open it from the outside so you aren't, um, stuck inside, Brian took a hammer to the door frame, making a big mess all over the floor and making the door frame look ridiculous. It's alright, atleast we can get in and out now.
Which leads to my next thought. Uhhh Winter? You can go away any time now. We've had our snow angel, ski days, shoveling fun, it's time now for it to be over. Oh and also? We don't live on the prairies anymore, so minus twenty? This is no place for you. Blowing snow and drifts? Ya, you either.
Our house is substantially colder than Brians parents. Something to do with a more effective heating system that doesn't cost nearly as much to use (ahem - wood furnace - ahem)... I don't know, all I know is now I feel like a popsicle.
Maizey is going to miss staying at Nana and Papas the most, I think. She took a real liking to the 'meow meow' and felt it to be her life goal to get the 'meow meow' to like her back. The cat was having none of that and I think by the end preferred to stay outside rather than be tormented, er, loved on. She would have played outside all day if we had let her. She pulled her little sled all around, she watched us feed the chickens and tried to climb the snow banks. She threw sticks for the dog and wouldn't turn around at the end of the driveway to go back unless Leda was on her way too. She loved the freedom that being outside with so much space to venture out on her own allowed and we loved that she could do that. We didn't need to be right beside her all the time and we could watch her test her little boundaries with herself. Our little independent soul. She could tell when we were leaving this morning that it was different, she cried all the way out the driveway "puppy puppy puppy". Yes, it's different at our own house, but still, it is really nice to be home.

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