Thursday, February 10, 2011


These last two weeks... wow, where has the time gone?? In between the pancakes and wiener roasts and chickens and snow, we seem to have lost track of time. We are looking after Brians parents place while they are away and while we were picturing a snowy mountain vacation, there are definite moments where its more like holy hell this is a lot of work! with a little side of vacationing. We sip hot tea at night in front of the t.v (I forgot how great actual t.v is - oh how I've missed you sitcoms!), take the occasional afternoon nap, alright more than occasionally, we don't bother getting dressed underneath our snow pants, or even sometimes at all. There have been many days when we don't make it to town and that's ok. Because aside from the vacationy-like bits, there is plowing and shoveling and filling the wood burning furnace and feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs and cleaning the eggs and delivering the eggs. There's a horse and a dog and cat that all need to be fed and watered. When I was a kid, these would have been everyday, mundane tasks. Just things that had to be done. Now that we don't have to worry about livestock, and our driveway is a mere 2 cars long and our heat is maintained by the flip of a switch, these tasks have become... well... work. Weird, right? My how times change. But, it's good and we love being here and doing it, so that makes it easier. Plus, Maizey loves the getting outside a few times a day and can roam wherever she pleases and we don't even hardly have to keep an eye on her. She wanders towards the horse, until he looks at her, then she screams and comes running back. She wanders towards the chickens until she hears the squawking, then comes running back. She's fostering a little relationship with the dog, which is fantastic for us to see, since she has been deathly afraid of dogs since, oh, the beginning of time. She still gets frightened if she's startled by the dog, but other than that, she pets Leda and tries to hug her and runs after her. It's actually cute, even I, the non dog lover, can admit.

Snippets of our last two weeks:

My mom came for the weekend and it was heaven. Maizey even got to eat cookies for breakfast while my mom let me sleep in. At first I was all WTF mom?? Then I remembered that some things are worth a few extra minutes of sleep. So I let it go.

She read stories and played games and watched Dora and went for walks. Drank coffee and cooked her little heart out. It was heaven.

We had an afternoon of tobogganing and a wiener roast last weekend. Most people ended up not showing up, but what we lacked in attendance we made up for in awesomeness when we did some sprint training pulling laughing kids on sleds and roasting hot dogs on a fire, which I haven't done in, I dunno, like 10 years. Well, maybe not that long, but it's been a looong time and I forgot how delicious they are. Maizey wasn't so into the hot dogs, but she did have fun roasting them!

Our friends Jordan and Carla made a surprise trip over on Saturday just in time for the wiener roast. They wound up spending the night, which meant we got some quality time with sweet baby Hayzel...oh and Jordan and Carla too!


With the insane amount of snow we've been getting, we've been spending a ton of time outside, getting rid of it, so we can, you know, drive and stuff. Maizey loves loves loves riding on the tractor with Daddy.

We have a big discussion every morning about what we should have for breakfast. And girlfriend knows what she wants.
Should we have poached eggs for breakfast?
Should we have toast for breakfast?
Should we have cereal for breakfast?
Ok, what kind?

Should we have french toast today?
Should we have bagels?
Should we have pancakes?

We've suddenly become a pancake family. My mom made them when she was here, now we've had them three times in the last week!  Whip cream and berries and all!

We can't seem to find any Dora on the satellite so we have to use Netflix, which means Maizey has to sit in the computer chair in the office to watch it. She's cool with it. But she did try to reach for the desk and the rolling chair shot out behind her and she came crashing down. It's ok, shes fine now!

More photos just for good measure!

(see Jade, that's totally a priceless piece of art!!!)

Happy shoveling, or vacationing or whatever it is you are doing! Thanks for the blog birthday love! I loved it!


  1. Was experiencing withdrawal pains.
    Just kept coming here with fingers crossed and then would avert my eyes until it was up and then I sighed and said to self maybe tomorrow...
    Happy happy happy now
    Thank you thank you thank you Amy
    love t

  2. I don't know how a half a cookie after fruit and yogurt constitutes WTF mom. Go figure! Next time Maizey we will get rid of the evidence. :)
    Wicked Grannie