Friday, May 14, 2010

Pushing It Out

I was weak this week.
Not physically weak.
Not mentally weak.
Just weak.
Everyday I had good intentions.
To clean the house.
To do the laundry.
To mow the lawn.
To cook fancy dinners.
To write a hilarious and witty blog post.
To edit the rest of our family photos so I could post them.
To figure out how to make the pictures on blogger bigger.
To run farther.
To run at all.
Instead I did none of those things (and I am not kidding when I say I didn't clean my house- heh), instead we went to Kelowna for a few days to visit Grannie.
And shop.
And go to Starbucks.
Very important.
Now, its the end of the week and I am feeling the wrath of not doing any of those things.
Its only acceptable to wear dirty underwear clothes for so long, then it just becomes gross.
So besides this morning when I did go for a run (mind you it was 1/3 of the length we usually run and it ended with a billion calorie delicious coffee and slow walk home), I stayed home and worked.
I made some head way.
The house is *partially* organized and a lot cleaner than it was yesterday.
The laundry is *mostly* done.
The lawn will be mowed tomorrow.
We ordered pizza for dinner.
I am FINALLY updating my blog.
I cant figure out stupid photoshop, so the photos have to wait.
And like I said, I did run.
So I was productive.
But days full of work are BOOOO.
I don't recommend it.
Lesson learned.
Unless at the end of the day you see some serious results.
Maybe tomorrow, I will see more.
Because my mom is coming for the night.
And if she expects dinner, then she better start earning her keep.
Shes a champ at the housekeeping thing.
She should have my tiny house whipped into shape in no time.
It was nice to see this hanging on my cupboard when I got out of the shower this morning.

a very thoughtful note from my running friend, Stacey

Little things like that, make it easier to do crappy things like stay in the house all day, when all you really want to do is go outside and drink beer play. I am happy to have such great people in my life.

Now, onto Maizey. People, she is a moving. She can get from here to there in no time flat and all with the push of one big toe and the pull of determined little arms. Seriously, she does a weird little yoga leg move and just...goes... fast. And with authority. Nothing stops her. It wont be long before this scoot turns into a crawl.
*note the big toe on the back foot.

She is finally better. Maybe not 100% yet, but still wayyyy better than she was even just a few days ago. We are so over this being sick.
She started sleeping on her belly. (while we were in FSJ actually). I found something a little un-nerving about the whole belly sleeping thing. But she seems fine, so I'm over it.
She hits things away when she doesn't want them.
She screamed for an hour when Grannie tried to put her to bed, while Brian and I went out to a movie. It finally took a car ride to get her to go to sleep. Atleast I got to finish the movie. Heh.
She wants to feed herself things. She sometimes bites her fingers in the process. Then she cries.
She follows me around doing the scooting thing. I kicked her over by accident today. I felt bad. She cried.
It has been confirmed that yes, she is in fact, saying 'whats this'. She a genius.
She always wants Brians hat, but the second she gets it, she chucks it, and Missys got an arm on her. Its almost as though she knows its rude to wear your hat in the house.
She gives kisses. Big, slobbery, open mouth kisses. I love them.
She smiles, waves and laughs at herself every time she looks in the mirror. She knows shes cute.
And last, but not least...girl is finally getting some tub to her. A nice little plump belly. She one day wont be happy about that, but for now... HUZZAH!!!

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  1. The scooting is hilarious, she's got some strength in that toe! Glad to here that she is feeling better. She sure is a CUTIE! Miss you guys already!

    You're not the only one who leaves all the house cleaning to do on one day. I've barely cleaned since you guys left too. Finally started the laundry today. It's just to hard when it's so nice out. Supposed to be 21 today so I'll probably only get one load of laundry done. Hope you guys have a great weekend!