Sunday, May 30, 2010

On The Edge of Crazy

Really, there shouldn't be this much action in one week. Its too much for any sane person to handle, so for a slightly less than stable, teetering on the edge of getting by Amy, its REALLY too much.

First, we had my brother come for a visit. Well, we were actually just a stop off on the way home, but whatever. It was fun, we took them fishing, which meant I got to sit by the river in my lawn chair and drink beer on a sunny afternoon. Perfect. Tyler caught a fish, we had a fire and cooked hot dogs for dinner, Maizey played in the sand for the first time and LOVED it and sat in front of a fire for the first time and also LOVED that. Our little camper! She did manage to eat a little sand, not by the hand full or anything, so I wasn't too concerned.
playing with uncle tyler

it was alteast 25 pounds

sandy feet

tastes so good

looking up the valley

first hot dog roast and fire for Missy
Next, we bought new bedroom furniture. A bedroom suite, if you will. This only caused me slight anxiety (since I HATE spending money and go through serious post-purchase depression, or whatever the hell that's called... buyers remorse I think.) I came to terms with it when I slept in my super high, super cool bed. And I realized... Holy crap, we are really adults now, with grown-up furniture. Its time to start smoking cigars, drinking scotch and growing mustaches. Well one of us anyways.

grown up bed
Then, Maizey got stung (or is it bit?) by a WASP. While she was napping in her bed. She woke up screaming. I went to see what was wrong, when I picked her up I saw a gigantic freaking wasp walking around her head, so we ran out of her room. It chased us, hissing and laughing. I couldn't find the sting (bite?), nor could I get her to quit crying. I finally got her calmed down with momma goods (you know what I mean) when Paola showed up. When I finished feeding her, and sat her up, we found the affected area. Her poor little hand looked like one of those foam fingers you get at a basketball game, but this one didn't say 'Go JAYS'. No, this one screamed 'I got bit by a wasp and am in a lot of pain'. Her finger looked like a little sausage and was bright red. Luckily P knew what to do, we washed it off, and put some ice on it. She handled it like a champ and just really wanted to play with Liam.

playing with Liam
note Maizeys fat hand

No feeling sorry for this kid. The little bastard wasp also bit (stung) Paola when she tried to kill it. She also handled it like a champ, I told her I now knew what to do, I could clean and ice it for her if she wanted. She declined. Stings are a little concerning for a new mom... you just don't know if your kid is going to be allergic, and apparently sometimes the symptoms of an allergic reaction don't even show up after the first stinging. So next time, she could totally react. Hopefully P is around that time too. Since I haven't found the time to read my book, I wont have any idea what to do. Maizey did seem to be reacting later that evening, pulling her ears, shaking her head, crying and whining. So I called the nurses line just to see what they said. The nurse told me that it sounded like Maizey was fine, but that they do recommend taking a baby under a year old to the doctor THAT DAY just to make sure. I decided to take her advice. Of course it was past clinic hours, so I had to take her to Emergency. The doctor there was awesome, he said she was fine and just gave us the dose for benadryl. She slept all night after that and the next morning her finger looked a lot better. Its fine now. Whew.
Lastly, we went and looked at a new house on Saturday. I wont get into all the long and slightly boring to the average person, details. But we love it, it is just the shell of a house, it needs to be completely finished inside and is going to take a ton of money to do so. Hmmm, a ton of money is something we don't happen to have. The house is on the brink of foreclosure and the bank is owed a lot of money still. So put those two things together and it doesn't exactly add up to steal of the century. But it does add up to a dream home in a perfect location. There are so many 'if's' that go along with this. Its pretty much a timing game, as far as we can tell. There are two other families (that we know of) that have put their homes up for sale, in the hopes of selling then buying this house. The bank is not accepting any offers with conditions. Its a lot of money. It has to be fast. I would have to sell my house. The one that we have put every single penny we have ever had into fixing up and making it our own. The one that we painstakingly made into a cute little house with character. The one that my blood, sweat and tears have been poured into for the last six years. Our home. Our happy little home. Maizeys first home. I know I have to accept that we cant live here forever, that we have basically grown as big as we can before we outgrow it. But that's hard for someone like me, who kept a pair of sandals that I bought for myself in GRADE EIGHT!!! for almost ten years after they became un-wearable, because I couldn't stand the thought of throwing them in the garbage, to go rot in a land fill. I finally got Brian to do it just last year. That's how attached I was to a pair of stupid sandals, just imagine how attached I am to this house. Its hard to accept those things. I keep telling myself that's its not the house, its the people in it that make it happy. That we will make any house a home. But this all has to happen so fast that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I WANT a bigger house, with more yard and trees close by. I WANT to have a storage room and an en suite. I just didn't ever think it would actually happen. Tomorrow, we go to the bank. I guess we'll see what they say. This dream may be dead tomorrow. Hard to say.


  1. Don't worry about Maizey eating sand. I ate a lot of sand as a child and i turned out fine.
    I can't wait to hear about the house. Call me any time this week when you get a chance!!

  2. PS I love the new furniture!! you guys really are adults now!

  3. For a bee sting... a papertowel soaked in vinegar... takes the pain away!

  4. good to know, thanks Carolyn!!