Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Good One

*Note: This is a technical post. Pretty much boring besides the cute picture.
My Ang has a really nice camera and since she is in the process of learning how to use it to its full potential, I thought I would join her on the journey. I am *hoping* that I too, will one day soon have a beauty of a camera to play with. When there are such perfect little people around to practice taking pictures of, it is really fun! I also have some fancy editing software at my fingertips, and I thought I should really learn how to use it, so between the learning of the picture taking and the learning of the make the pictures look cool software, I have come up with ONE PERFECT picture!  FINALLY.

playing with my camera 049r

Its been  a busy last few days.... but now...
- The Garden is ready to be planted
- The lawn is perfectly manicured
-Missys room is *almost* ready for the makeover
-And my house is CLEAN. Like, actually clean. Except of course, my bedroom... and the laundry room. and the stairs. and the porch. OK, so its halfway clean in all the house, very clean in half the house. Finally. Its about time. Brian is such a slacker.

ANDDDDDD.... I got to go out on Friday night. Like OUT out. Jane and I went out for 'just a drink' that turned into a whole bottle when we got there, that turned into one more while we annihilate the dance floor for awhile. It was SO fun and SO needed. I cant even remember the last time I went dancing and it felt great! We were showing up *ahem* or at least on par with the 30th Grad Reunion that was there... man could some of those mama's tear it up!!! Fun was had by both of us, and we have vowed not to wait this long to do it again. Not party like we're rockstars or anything, just go out and have FUN!  All while keeping in mind that its really not fun to have to wake up with a baby when you have a hangover (I am not speaking from experience, but I have heard...for reals.). We can be responsible and still have fun. I think. Heh.

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