Friday, March 26, 2010

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Yesterday was a blahhhh day for me. Nothing was making me happy, not my favourite food, not a phone call from an old friend, not playing with Maizey... NOTHING. So I set out in search of something, ANYTHING that would cheer me up. This is what we came across...

a delicious lunch from the modern. perfect every time

i have never noticed how happy these little feet that can't keep two shoes on make me

the pretty spring flowers that are coming up in our yard. perfection

running into our friend stacey. we like seeing her twice in one day. (shes my work out friend)

a movie that makes me laugh every.single.time

I follow this really great blog about enjoying the small things in life, so I went to her blog and cried happy tears and remembered everything that I have to be happy about. Its always an inspiration to read her blog and see her beautiful photos.

I came across this poem that also made me happy.

You are more perfect than I could have hoped,
More beautiful than I could have dreamed,
More precious than I could have imagined...
... I love you more than I could have known

~Author unknown

This poem is just so true, I think it really captures the overwhelming feeling of becoming a mother perfectly. No one told me I would be so over taken with love and gratitude for this little person, but its there, every day and very very real. I sometimes still cant believe shes mine and that I love her THIS much. It still blows me away.
I also found what I am going to buy myself for sticking to the no-sugar test of willpower. You can check it out here Its perfect and made me smile the second I saw it! Therefore I will ignore the price (but for the record that's farrrrr more than I planned on spending!) and just do it!

By the end of the day I had found so many things to make me happy that I actually forgot how unhappy I had been. So my search for happy things paid off. And every time I am having a blahhhh day I will go find beautiful, happy things to inspire me and make me smile! Until then, I will enjoy these wonderful things I found, and wait impatiently for my necklace to arrive!

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