Monday, March 15, 2010


Since I wrote that little letter to Missy at 6months, SO MUCH has changed. In just a few short days, she cut first tooth (on March2), then cut her second tooth (March12) starting pulling herself around on the floor in an attempt to reach things, started saying dadadadadad, obviously not in corelation with her dad (but of course if it was momomomomom the she would know exactly who she was saying it to), she now rubs her eyes when she is tired and she squeels in delight at things she likes (such as mom, dad and Sophie). Someone once told me to never wish a moment away, but as new parents we are always put in that postition. We see slightly older babies doing things and we wish that our baby could do them. We say things like "I can't wait until she can do that" and "I wish she was eating everything too", but for me, I really don't mean that. I try my best not to say those things and even to feel those things. I know she will get there and it will be in her own time, when she's ready. When I do let those thoughts creep into my head, it feels like the next day she does what I wished she was doing. She won't be a baby forever and when the time comes that she isnt anymore, I will try not to wish back to these days either. Everyday I want to be happy where we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it. We try to write down what she does most days, just so we dont forget where she was and when. Sort of an attempt at a diary, without all the details. So yet again, we hang out, we drink coffee and we laugh. Oh, do we laugh. Some say small things amuse small minds, I say taking pleasure in all the small things makes me happy. And thats what matters.
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