Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mommy And Maizey Do.... Longview??

This past weekend Maizey and I went on a road trip. We packed our road-pops (water bottle and Maizeys portable bottles with never ending supply), our munchies (apple slices and baby mum-mums), our best road trippin music (it would've been Raffi if we had any, instead it was me singing the itsy bitsy spider. For the record I now I hate that song.), and a lucky bag of tricks ( a bag handy to me full of toys to pass her when she dropped one and wanted another). My how times have changed! Road trips use to involve REAL road-pops, no food to speak of, a few Nickelback c.d's and more people than the car had seat belts for. We cruised along at unthinkable speeds (unless I was driving, at which time we cruised along at exactly 3 kms over the speed limit.), sang at the top of our lungs and made random stops at beer stores for more said road-pops. Sometimes we didn't even have a destination, it was more just to kill time and have fun. Those days are gone, and have now been replaced with strategically timed stops for feedings, quiet music so as not to wake the sleeping baby, and of course more appropriate drinks. I have to admit, it does make the trip much quicker with fewer drink stops and pee breaks, which is nice. I guess. So we headed home for the weekend.
One of my high school best friends, Cartwright! is getting married in Mexico this fall and I am in the wedding. This weekend was wedding dress shopping. Unfortunately Maizey came down with a bit of the flu on Friday night and was not herself on Saturday, so it was a tough day for her. But dress shopping was fun, there was 9 of us there and we saw some beauties of dresses. In the end there was no decision made, with 9 different opinions being thrown at you, its bound to get a little confusing and over-whelming. I totally understand her feelings of overwhelm and a little disappointment at not picking one. Its an emotional day as is, but to come away empty handed is a little sad. Needless to say she was emotionally drained and in need of a small pick me up - we fixed that with a nice glass of wine and some twitter talk (on my part, I am trying to convince her to get twitter ! And she knows I am relentless) (p.s get twitter). I wish I could be more help in this decision making, but it is something she will figure out on her own! I cant wait to see which one she decides on!
Anyhow, to make a loooong story short, we had a great weekend. My dad got in tons of Maizey time, which was great for both of them, it seems she is quite comfortable with him, which is more than I can say for her with the rest of her grandparents. For some reason she is a little leary of the rest of them, she does warm up after awhile, but its a little rocky in the beginning. I didn't have a camera for the start of the weekend, I bought a new one on Monday, so I didn't get many pictures and what I did get were with my Blackberry. We visited my Grannie, Trudy, Cartwright, Hummel, Rimini, Travis, Jaya, Elynn (who is so cute and getting so big), Tyler and Jen. We always wish there was more time to see everyone, but we do the best we can! My dad even baby sat one night and I got to go out for dinner with the girls. There was tons of laughs, it was great to see them twice!! Maizey was pretty good for Grampa, she only screamed for about a half an hour and he managed to calm her down - win for him!
Maizey is a great traveller so far, so it was fairly smooth sailing, one stop on the way there and 2 on the way back. Pretty good! We were happy to get home to see daddy though, we do miss him when we are away! We came home to a clean house and dinner ready... ahhhh life is good!

Maizey and Great Grannie

Maizey and Grampa

Hummel Cartwright and I

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