Thursday, March 18, 2010

Go Big Or Go Home

Maizeys weight issues have been on my mind constantly. If you remember, she only gained 2oz's in 2 months, so we started the feeding more and she gained 4oz's in 2 weeks. We then waited 3 weeks to see her doctor again and on March 5th she weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 13oz's. Her doctor was not thrilled at that gain, it was 8oz's in 21 days. But by this point we were just starting her on solids, so she told us to talk to the Health Nurse about what kind of "diet" she should be on. We talked to Public Health and they referred us to a dietitian. This, my friends, was a complete waste of time. Maybe she didn't understand the situation fully and that's why she recommended such nonsense as 'don't feed her to fill her up, just feed her so she experiences all sorts of tastes and textures' and 'stay away from sippy cups, they delay development of fine motor skills' and 'just mash, don't bother pureeing, you don't want her to get too used to eating food that way'. I hung up the phone confused and annoyed. That's when my instincts kicked in and I called my mom to have her tell me what to do instead. Shes way smarted than any dietitian. And what do you know? In the last 2 weeks (on March 18th) my teeny tiny little baby girl packed on almost 2 lbs!!! We could not be happier about this kind of gain. As you could see in the video, she loves to eat, in fact since Feb 25, she has eaten 3 and a half bags of cereal, about 15 carrots, 3 potatoes (which she totally hates and gags on every time she eats them), probably 1 whole JAR of peaches, bananas, apple sauce (which we think she is allergic to as a rash appeared on her wrists immediately following the apple eating. we will wait a few weeks then try again to see), avocados, and the list goes on. I have become that crazy mother that takes countless videos of the same thing over and over, but its just so funny to watch her eat, I cant stop. Also, she has learned how to feed herself pieces of rice cracker, its really funny to watch. I will post a video of it when I have more time. Thanks for all the chubby thoughts, she is now kicking ass and taking names at this weight gain business!

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