Friday, August 2, 2013

Old Friends = The Best

I have an old friend named Russell.
He was my only friend when I moved to Kamloops (11 years ago!!!).
Russell was good friends with Ryan.
Ryans girlfriend (at the time) was Ang.
Ang became part of my left hip that without, I would not be able to walk properly.
Ang had a childhood summer friend named Andrea. Andrea and Ang's grandmas lived beside each other on the Shuswap.
Andrea moved to Kamloops having one friend - Ang.
No one shared a love of Coors Light and county music with me quite like Andrea did.
Some of my craziest and most hilarious memories involve Andrea.
The best.

Fast forward all these years.


This girl and her four kids.
I desperately wish they lived closer than a million miles away.





Until then, we will settle on yearly (or so) visits where it feels like not a single day has passed since our last hug or laugh or cheers of a Coors Light.




Thank you Andrea for making the trip down. For coming to visit. For sharing your family with us. For reminding me that no matter how many miles, months, week or days separate us, we will still be able to sit on the couch well into the night, drinking cold beer and laughing like we are still college kids. I wish we could do it every month, or better - every week, but I will settle for every year.

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