Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Is How I Roll

Totally random thoughts and stories.... annnndddd.... GO.

We call blueberries 'bloobs" in this house. Jace is so close to getting it right. "Boobs" . It cracks me up every single time.


Maizey turns FOUR in two days. Holy hell. I have been replaying this day from four years ago over in my head. At this exact second, I was napping on the couch, feeling crippled by the giant belly I was wearing and the fact that I had spent the morning hiking around on Mt. Revelstoke with some of my most favorite people. My water broke the next morning. It has been both the longest AND shortest four years of my life.

August 27th, 2009
Since this day, the number of kids between the three of us has more than doubled. There is so much less time and so many more messes and a LOOOT less drinking, but there is still this totally awesome friendship. I love these girls to pieces.


Jace is exerting his independence. I forgot how amazing this stage is to watch. Also, how freaking frustrating it is. I mean, clearly I don't have 10 extra seconds to wait while he attempts to do up his own buckles in the carseat. NO, DO IT. I DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. NOOOOO. DOOOOO ITTTTTT. huh. stuck. help mom. The list is getting long of things he has to "do" first, before we actually do it in the end. Brush his teeth, open the truck door, cut his food, open his banana, pour his milk, undo the tape on his diaper, wipe his hands and face.


I wrote that yesterday while Jace was napping. But then, of course, he woke up early and neither of them have stopped demanding my attention ever since. 

SO. Maizey turns four TOMORROW now. Tomorrow. Holy hell AGAIN. We had a little party/coffee and cake this morning.  She, slash me, slash we have the very best friends and family. They stuck it out while it rained on us, rather than heading inside my holy-shit-did-a-bomb-go-off-in-here house. This morning I was a wee bit behind in the organizing department. I'm better now.

All the funny and quirky and cute stories I had to tell yesterday are gone from the front of my brain. I'm sure they will come back to me, but for now all I can think about is the upcoming birthday reunion this weekend in Kamloops with (a lot of) my old college friends and the fact that there was an incident on the couch this morning that wasn't professionally dealt with in a timely manner, that reallllllly needed to be dealt with and now I have to suffer the consequences of that. Also, there is a lot of leftover chocolate cake sitting on the counter just begging me to eat it.

I can hardly believe I have a four year old.
I need a drink.

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