Sunday, July 21, 2013

So Refreshing

I suppose it's always been this way with water. I mean, Maizey would dive head first into a pool, no matter what she was wearing, I don't know why I expected it to be any different with Jace. Actually, if I am being honest, it would start out with her just leaning over the edge of the pool, splashing with her hand, but it would inevitably end with her falling head first in. It could be said it was an accident, I choose to believe it was on purpose, just meant to look like accident.
These two.



Always in the water. Always wet.


 Always turning on the hose, watering things,


drinking from it,


cleaning things,


spraying things,


spraying each other.


Spraying their friends.


Spraying ME.


Always getting into mischief with it.

 Jace was in his pj's ready for bed, Kernaghans were leaving, it was all going well. Suddenly, all hell broke loose. 

No matter how small the amount of water is, they are playing in it. Fully clothed, in a bathing suit, naked.


 In our yard. On the street. Downtown. What ever. They are not picky. Our pile of sopping wet clothes on the ground at the back door is constant. There are always shorts or shirts or bathing suits hanging up, drying. Always.

so freezing. 

My little fun loving, soaking wet (and usually muddy) children are so loving summer.
My laundry is basically never caught up, and this doesn't help.
I secretly do love it, and at the suggestion of an IG friend, I think one of these days, I just might join them. 

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