Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Not The Same Thing

Me: Hey, so our volunteer time for Maizeys soccer is tomorrow morning at 11:20.

Brian: What??? What volunteer stuff??

Me: Oh relax. We have to pick up the nets. It's like five minutes worth of work.

Brian: Well I never signed up to do any volunteer work. 

Me: Yes, you are right, you didn't sign up. I did. It's either the five minutes of volunteer time, or we pay $50.

Brian: WHAT??? Jesus. Thats like kidnapping.

Me: ..... ummmm..... do you mean 'highway robbery'?!?!

Brian: ....(silence)......uhhh.... same thing.

Me: (laughing hysterically).


  1. Obviously Brian has a questionable moral compass. Hide the cutlery.

  2. That was certainly a good chuckle!!!! Needed it even if it was at Brian's expense. To make up for laughing I will come bearing liquid refreshment for him on my next visit.
    I know that your Grannie and I always enjoyed our volunteer time that we did when Peggy or Pat could not get there because they were with one boy or the other at a hockey game somewhere or at a figure skating event with you. It was certainly a lot of hours of volunteer time with so many kids in a program but it saved a ton of money.
    That Tim is way too clever.