Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The One Where I Am Way Behind

Ohhhh boy. I am so far behind on this old blog that I don't even know where to begin.
Bullet point post to outline all we have been doing in the last weeks and then come back and hopefully elaborate on a few of the points? Sounds good.

The beginning of our trip. 

- I ran a half marathon. I certainly didn't break any speed records, but I did surpass what I thought I was capable of and felt amazing doing it. I don't like to write openly about running, because for some reason I feel like it makes me less legit or something. Like, real runners don't need to write about it, they just do it. I'm sure thats not really the case, it's just how it feels to me. But I will write more about it, because it was a pretty kick ass feeling and I want to one day look back at this and remember what crossing that finish line was like. 

- We didn't have mega holiday plans this year, so we decided to do some camping. In Alberta. In May. Suuuuper smart on our part. Dude, it was 3 degrees one morning. We went to Waterton and while very very very beautiful, the towns 'welcome to' sign should say something like Welcome to Waterton, the wind never stops blowing. We have to be this beautiful or no one would ever come back. The wind never stopped blowing. Also, Maizey and I got the flu. In a campground. In the middle of the  night. Awesome.

- My parents sold their ranch. There. I said it. They are moving at the end of the month. It's a lot to process and come to grips with. It *almost* doesn't seem real, but.... it is. It's exciting and surreal and crazy and necessary and hard and sad all at the same time. It will be good, I know it will be. It's just a bizarre thing to picture my Dad doing anything but being a rancher.

- We spent the day in Drumhellar at the Royal Tyrell Museum with my brother, sister in law and nieces and nephew. Shit, that is one cool place. Also, I love spending time with them.

- The day we left for Alberta, we had a guy finishing up mudding/taping our laundry room. He just had to sand it. Well, you know what happens when the sanding is finished and then no one walks around that house for the next 10 days? That dust settles onto every. single. surface. We came home to white EVERYTHING. I am not even exaggerating a little bit.

- Our grass was about a foot deep when we got home. It took Brian almost four hours to mow it.

- Maizey started saying What the hell?  with some regularity. I think I have got it stopped, she now says What the..... wait, mom, what is it I am supposed to say? heck? is that it? what the heck?  Seriously, you can't say anything around this kid.

- Jace picked up about 10 new words while we were away, hey, ready, set, go, down, Tessy (my parents dogs name), out, mine.  I dunno, I can't think of anymore. I am loving the new conversational skills he is learning, because the grunts and crying were getting a wee bit tiresome.

the end of our trip.

I always love to go away, especially when it is the four of us all together but it is alsowonderful to come home at the end, to our house, to our own beds, to our little routines. The work is never ending and we came home more tired than we left, but as always, I treasure the time we get as a family, every long loud mile in the truck, every hectic meal, every sleepless night.
I am happy to be home. 

*photographic evidence to come for most of those bullets.

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