Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh, Just Another Day In Paradise

Today was hella annoying.
It started with no milk for my coffee, so in trying to make the best of it, without having to drink black coffee (cringgggeee), I put some left over coconut milk in it. Barf. It was terrible. I drank it anyways.
We all woke up on the wrong side of our respective beds.
We spent all weekend working on our basement - painting and putting flooring down. This morning while Brian was in the shower and Jace and I were on skype with my mom, Maizey was quietly coloring. On the freshly painted wall in the basement hallway. Seriously. WTF Maizey???? She was apparently just holding her colouring sheet up to the wall to colour on it, and since she can't stay on the paper, it was an "accident" . There was screaming and tears. Some even came from Maizey.
I was desperate for good coffee and we had something to return to City Furniture so we headed downtown.
All my kids did was whine. And fight. And not listen. Except when they were cramming their sausage rolls in their mouths at the Modern. That was a quiet 3 minutes.
We were supposed to go to the lake when Jace got up from his early nap. I mean, I put him down for an early nap, but naturally, he played for AN HOUR AND A HALF in his bed. No early nap for him. Which in turn meant too late for the lake. Plus, Maizey and I were still fighting and Ang was fighting with her kids, so it was just a plan for disaster anyways.
Maizey went to bed at 6:45 after eating exactly zero bites of her dinner.

So instead, would you like to see some cute pictures of our sleepover with Corbin and Danica? Thats way more fun than listening to me bitch, right?

She spent a long time combing Danica's hair - "making it longer".


ready to watch Rise of the Guardians. Also, patiently waiting for popcorn.


How freaking cute are they??!

Just a nice pre-pancake game of roll the dice.

They are small, but these four can pack away the pancakes. Wow.

The excitement was high. There was a lot of yelling, a lot of messes, a lot of made up game playing, a little fighting and a shit load of laughing. These kids, man I love them all together. They love each other all like siblings.It was so so much fun. I know my kids are looking forward to the next sleepover. Hopefully soon.

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