Monday, July 15, 2013

Canada Day 2013

Another Canada Day bbq under our belt.
It was wayyyy bigger than any other year and just as fun.


20 kids, 25 adults, everyone had a blast.





Chelsea was the winner, again, with her effing awesome waterslide. I mean, this thing kills it out there. I pretty much didn't see Maizey from 1:00 in the afternoon, until she was the naked girl running around the party, with blue lips and covered in goose bumps, which was pretty much bed time anyways. Show stealer.



I started this party three summers ago, after Maizeys first Canada Day was a total bust. Actually, I should say, the day was great, it was the night that sucked - I was used to drunken karaoke in Market Square one crazy summer on the East coast, or all day tubing and drinking (*ahem* in a public place) only to head to a night shift at 11pm, or Bocce tournament and beer gardens. I was used to something, anything, that resembled a party.


I was used to stumbling home in the wee hours of the morning, sparkler in one hand and my flip flops in the other (I am pretty sure this happened. It happened, right?).



I was not used to sitting at home, alone, no beer, no bbq, no fun. So I created the fun myself. Since we couldn't go spend the day in the beer gardens and neither could our now-parentsofsmallchildren friends, I decided to bring the beer gardens to us.


Our backyard seems to be a great place for that.




Time, effort, and a passion for fun go into creating this party, so to see so many of our friends at our home, and all of our kids having SO. MUCH. FUN., makes it so worth it.

how could this possibly be the 3 year old flower girl from our wedding?? 

He didn't realize, he was at the end of his rope. also, he's wearing his sisters shirt. haha

Thanks friends, for sharing your yummy food, for bringing your kids to play with ours, for helping us, for laughing with us, and for making our party a success.
See you all in 2014.

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