Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas - In Pictures

If the header on this blog is any indication of where I am at in life right now, then hopefully you all understand. Summer? ended months ago.
Christmas. Ah Christmas. Family, food, wine, visits, love, fires, waking up to my kids fed and happy and hanging out with my parents.



We had a relaxing and quiet week at my parents house. The cousin time was out of control on awesomeness. They played. Just played. No endless fighting and crying and trouble, just playing. It was so great. Maizey loves her cousin best friends so much.





 I don't think there is anything better than watching my parents love on my kids and watching my kids love my parents. Jace spent part of our first day home looking for Grampa every where he went and at the mention of Grampas name, he comes running.

Grampa and his boys


I don't know who missed who most when we left, them the kids, or the kids, them. Either way, we all feel this 6 hour distance after such a great visit.


Tyvan - 4 days new


We brought my youngest brother home with us for a few extra days with him. We sure feel the cross country distance when he leaves. He's in his last year of University on the east coast and we will be happy to have him closer after this.


Him and I spent an epic day at the ski hill on New Years Eve. I can't remember the last time I put in an entire day on the mountain, but holy shit did I feel it that night. Half of ONE beer and I was out. Done. Exhausted. Like, barely get off the couch exhausted. We rang in the new year with a time zone an hour earlier than ours and promptly two minutes later I was in bed.

Sylvie- 15 days new

The flu took us down, hard. It started on Christmas Eve with the kids and for the last week has taken a major toll on us. Maizey was hit the hardest and she is just now, today, finally feeling better. No fever, no crying over everything, finally has energy and an appetite. It's good to feel refreshed.



We came home to a dead as dead can be tree. So mixed in with the giant mess of stuff we brought home was an even more giant mess of needles. I mean giant. We took the tree down first thing the morning after we got home and with every ornament we took off, the branch was stripped of needles. It was horrendous and hilarious (to me) at the same time. I feel confident we will finding them for the rest of the year.

All of us. Finally. 
The mess was all worth it. We feel spoiled and loved and happy.

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  1. Thank you for each and every post to your amazing blog. I am so glad that you write about the little things and the bigger things in the life of the McG's. I truly appreciate all the time, energy and thought that goes into each and every post. 2013 will bring more blogs that will make me laugh and cry of that I am sure. Thanks again Amy.