Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Mistake. Sorry.

Something totally revolting happened to us. Okay, it didn't happen to us..... I did it to us. And by "us" I mean Maizey.
I blame the weather.
We went to Coopers at the exact worst time, just me and her. 3:45p.m. You all know, the time when it is packed with everyone coming down from the ski hill and there's never enough people working and the line ups are long and the parking lot is a nightmare. You know.
So we were waiting at the deli counter to buy pepperoni. I don't even like pepperoni. It appeared that no one was working behind the counter. We waited and waited and waited. Maizey got antsy and so did I. They had some cheese samples sitting on top of the counter, so in an attempt to distract her from the boredness I asked if she would like to have a piece of cheese. Obviously. I grabbed a toothpick from the plastic container and stabbed a piece of cheese. She took the toothpick, put the cheese in her mouth and pulled it off with her lips before handing me the toothpick back to throw away. I turned back to the counter and went to put the toothpick in the garbage. But wait. There was no garbage. Only the plastic container I took the toothpick out of............................................
Oh. My. God.
Yes. Yes, I did feed my kid a piece of cheese from a toothpick that had, in all likelihood, been in another persons mouth. Or at the very least, been handled by their germ infested fingers.
Even just writing it makes my stomach feel queasy.
I'm not a germ-a-phobe. Far from it actually. I have eaten many a piece of dropped food as per the five second rule off very questionable floors and have been know to flush a public toilet using my hand. Gasp. But this. This totally crossed the line on what I can handle.
I will be avoiding samples, the grocery store and my husbands accusing eyes for the rest of time. Or, you know, until it looks like a really tasty sample.

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  1. You could just use your fingers for samples from now on. Not the best for other people but at least you know where they have been.