Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Little Besties

What my kids lack in being the same sex, they make up for in not giving a shit.
I thought we needed to have another baby, so that at least one of them could have a best friend to grow up with.
Well I'll be damned. My kids already are.
These two, they love each other. Love.
Today Maizey asked to watch something on Netflix, so as I was waiting for it to load, I asked what she wanted to watch. No, what they wanted to watch.
Kipper the Dog, she said.
No, I said, Kipper the Dog is super boring for Jace, lets watch Diego.
No, she said, lets ask him what he thinks.... Jace, do you want to watch Kipper the Dog?
He answered in jibberish and sounds.
See, she said, thats how he says yes. Right Jace?
He turns to me and totally nods his head yes with a completely mischievous look on his face that screamed I'M ON HER TEAM MOM!!!!!
I was right, he lasted about 20 seconds before he moved on from the tv.
I never should have worried. Just look at the way he watches what she does.

These kids, they don't need anything but one another.

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  1. This is a wonderful video but I hope you weren't driving and recording it at the same time :)