Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Christmas Post

Ahh yes, the post holiday mess.
It's here.
For the first time ever, Brian had Christmas holidays. So for the first time in years we got to spend the holidays with my family for more than one full day and besides the plague that took almost every single member of my family down, it was freaking awesome.
As always, there just isn't enough time, but also, there was enough time. Enough time to drink lots of coffee and play round after round of crib while still pyjama clad. There was SO MUCH baby snuggling. Oh my god. The babies. Within eight days of each other, two of my brothers said hello to new babes. Miss Sylvie was born on December 13 and little Man Tyvan came along on December 21. Just in time to be spoiled and snuggled. It was baby heaven and I got a good fix. There was time to enjoy our meals and not rush to a million places. There was time to watch movies and read books and play Angry Birds. There was time for oh my god minus 21 degree weather runs and a tiny little sledding hill that didn't really work for sledding (I pulled them up and down on the sled, in case you were wondering!).  We ate and laughed and talked and I truly couldn't have asked for a better holiday.
We hauled a whole lotta stuff out there and then we hauled even more back. This morning, while still feeling the effects of this horrendous flu, I could have wept at the mess that I swear was not here last night. My camera is still mixed up somewhere in this mess. We tried, Brian, Shane and I. We really did, but we called it quits early this afternoon in favor of laying on the couch and watching How I Met Your Mother, episode after episode on Netflix. Everyone is still in recovery.
It won't get done tomorrow either, because Shane and I have a date with the ski hill.
Next post, pictures.

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