Monday, December 6, 2010

The Same But Different

I think my girl is pretty cool. Obviously I'm biased. But for real - shes one cool kid. Missy knows what she wants and she is determined to get it. I like that. I admit, there are times I can't effing stand it, but for the most part, I think it makes me proud.
I've recently been comparing her day to day life to a choose-your-own-adventure novel. We are so totally alike on one hand, we like to get up early, we both feel the need to argue when someone tells us not to do something that we really want to do, we get bored easily then bother the people around us by letting them know just how bored we are. Shes a mini-me in looks. But on the other hand, we are totally different. I spontaneously plan adventures for us, all the time. We decide what to do on a minute-to-minute basis usually. Plans change in the blink of an eye, we are crazy like that. Shes always up for the adventure "Maizey, you want to go to Nana and Papas and feed the chickens?" "yessssssssss", as am I. Its the part of the adventure that we each find the most thrilling that differs. I think the chickens coming close and trying to pet them, and listening to them and watching her learn that's where the eggs she had for breakfast came from, is the exciting part. For her, the chickens aren't reallllly the adventure, its more the, how close will I allow the 'puppppyyyy' to get to me, before I freak the hell out and panic and scream for my mamamamamamamama....till she picks me up, then I wave at the 'pupppyyyyyy' and laugh...  on the way to see the chickens, that's thrilling.
Today was a beautiful, blue-bird day. Cold, but beautiful. We got bundled up and headed out for a walk and a coffee with the newly back to town, Chelsea. The being in the fresh air, the view, the people we meet and nod with a smile at, the coffee and visit... those are what I enjoy about the walk - the being in the here and now with my girl. Maizey... she prefers the 'how many times will Mama pick my mittens up off the ground when I throw them, before she takes them away and lets my little hands freeze' part. And the 'If I kick my legs hard enough the well tucked in blanket will fall off and get dirty, I wonder what she'll say' part. Oh, and don't forget the 'I love my winter boots, I would wear them all day in the house if I could, but since it's -7 out here, I don't think Mama will like it if I take them off, so I think I will do it, just to see if she cares' bit. The one I drew the line at? When she took her socks off. Frost bite  - that's not a joke. I did take the mittens away, and the blanket, but I put the socks back on AND the boots. I tried to run, but the coffee made me have to pee... and I don't need to explain to you what happens after you have a baby and your bladder is too full and you try to run. Its just not a risk I am willing to take, ok? Frost bite or not. Needless to say, we both had fun, just for different reasons.
I will keep on letting her choose her own adventures. She doesn't listen when I tell her to sit down on the oh-so-adorable-but-very-unsteady-round-chairs, but she learns when it falls over and she lands on her back, bumping her head on the coffee table on the way down.Maybe the adventure should have been more in the sitting and watching Dora, than in the trying to climb up and turn the lamp off.
She laughs and she makes me laugh, even if it is through clenched teeth sometimes.


  1. I remember all that like it was yesterday. =)The cold little body when you get back in the house, the bright red cheeks of only the very young <3 Thanks for the blog, it refreshes the sweet baby memories. I look at the young adult that lives with me now, still laughing and loving, making and moving boundaries, still clenching teeth sometimes. Loving with every sense of my soul. The very same but so different,too.

  2. HaHaHa..I just realized that was the name of your blog this week...