Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just like that, it's over. Christmas came amidst a lot of hectic-ness this year, family and otherwise. I did not feel prepared, but I tried to remind myself that it really doesn't matter, the day is going to come regardless, so just let it go. It came and it went, I didn't get organized and guess what... it really didn't matter.
So we indulged in our Christmas festivities with our usual excitement and ate all the Christmas food with our usual heartiness. Back to the post-Mexico detox I go!!!
Maizey took it all in with wide eyes. She really didn't know what the heck was going on, what with all the presents and talk about this Santa character.

When asked if she was excited that Santa was coming she declared NO. Maybe she was remembering when I tried to sit her on Santa's lap, which she was NOT cool with. She got a Dora water bottle in her stocking, so she just really wanted to hang out with that. Talk to it. Kiss it. Drink out of it. Play with it. She opened a present that was a book, so we had to stop so Dad could read it to her.

She would pick one little piece of wrapping off, give it to us, pick another, stop and take a drink from Dora, pick another piece, etc etc etc. It was so... endearing? Is that the right word? Perfect? I don't know... typical? This girl isn't about the destination, shes all about the journey to get there.

We slowly made our way to Brian's parents for more present opening, more coffee and Baileys and more food.

I have mentioned before - we are not so much about the spoiling Maizey with 'stuff'... mostly because 'Stuff' will be the death of me. We instead go for the spoiling her with creating memories and with actions and a whole lotta love. I'm not ashamed to admit this. We talk a lot about how to raise a kid that is appreciative and thoughtful and knows that shes loved not by what she gets, but by how we act. The holidays is the perfect time of year to do this, in my opinion. We made this year all about being with people we love.
Our favorite Aunty Myrna lost her battle yesterday. Christmas Day. It took all we had to get our dinner on the table. There were a lot of tears and a lot of story telling. We laughed a lot about what Myrna would be doing and saying. She had this knack for making a regular old family dinner feel like a party. It was a reminder of what really is important. I know Myrnski was surrounded by the people who love her. No one should be alone on Christmas Day. To say she will be missed is such an understatement.
Our Christmas 2010 was not what we expected but nonetheless we made it into what we wanted. A day dedicated to being together. There was a break in there for the little ones naps, but other than that we were together. It was how it was meant to be.
Much love going out this year. We have a lot of it give.

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  1. I love you Amy! Your strength and the way you really focus on your priorities is an inspiration.