Friday, April 23, 2010

The Boring One

Tonight, I have nothing to say. Our day are went by with little adventure and barely any enthusiasm. I wont yet venture as far to say that The Tooth Fairy listened, but I will say that we are surviving it. We are handling the runny nose and the diaper rash. We are getting by with less sleep, and I can even admit that the 6:30 wake up time (which is new)  isn't that bad. I catch up on all the Internet gossip, I read all the blogs that are updated the night before, I check facebook and I watch my Missy happy as can be. Mornings she is always happy. She plays and laughs and eats and talks. I drink coffee, watch her play, eat along side her and we talk. This is when I hear the Hi's and the Whats This? This is when we have some of our best Maizey/Mommy moments. Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE it when Brian's home and he gets up with her, and I get to sleep in, even if only for half an hour... but there still is something wonderful about our mornings together. We are surviving this teething game and even having a little fun in there as well. She was less clingy today, so I recruited Nana (Brian's mom) to baby-sit so I could go to a yoga class. She ate well, had good naps and was in general, her usual self. The white bump is back and there is a small area that looks like the cutting of the tooth, so now we wait... and hope that it will finally come through!!
 I have been working out lots still and even joined a challenge put on by my cousins wife. 6 weeks... but I am really not that dedicated. And by not THAT dedicated, I mean not dedicated AT ALL. So little, in fact, that last night at 9:00 we were going to watch a movie and I drove to the gas station that's just up the street to get a bag of chips. I didn't even walk. I really need to get my mojo back for this, because there is a big pot of money to be won for this challenge, and it would look fan-freaking-tastic in my wallet. This is where my work out friend jumps in and pulls me out of this slump. She is doing her job well, but these days I am not that easy to convince. I will get back to that place. It just may take some time.
  I went through my gigantic container of shoes, you know the one that the shoes get traded out of every season...yet never sorted through to make sure they still fit. Well I did it. And guess what. My feet grew a small bit (probably when I was pregnant). Just enough to make some of them verrrry uncomfortable. There was also some that I would never wear again, but previously couldn't stand the thought of getting rid of. There were also some that were in such bad shape that they just needed to be thrown out. There were also some that I was keeping purely for nostalgia. So I did it. I picked out the ones I really wanted to keep. I threw the gross ones out. The rest, I donated to a shoe drive here in town that sends them to Swaziland, Africa. I didn't even cry. How strong am I?!
  That's all. I guess I didn't have NOTHING to say, just not a LOT. But I do have some cute pictures to post. That should make up for the not so interesting tales of our day.

she just loves to kick off a sock.

happy girl

little red riding hood

riding around like a princess is tough work

this is what she looks like at the end of a run. it must be exhausting for her

this is what we look like after a run. it IS exhausting for us

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  1. Love the pictures. Everyone should run like you girls and have a beer after! lol. So what is the challenge, you're not doing?